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What problems should I have my child seen for?

Common eye problems in babies

All of these should have a screening eye check: Watering eyes, Eyes which appear to be turning inwards or outwards, eyes that don’t appear to ‘track’ equally, unusual eye movements. Eyelids that are different heights. Any concern about the color of the eye, or clarity of the pupil

Toddlers common eye issues

Usually not serious, but do need a screening check: Eyes turning inwards/going cross-eyed, banging into doors and furniture constantly. A pupil abnormal in color, size or shape

Preschool eye problems

You may not even be able to tell there is a problem until the B4 school check, or they may close 1 eye frequently, have eyes that turn inwards or outwards. Complaints of double vision, missing visual details, going close to things to see them – these are all important indications of possible reduced vision

It is crucial to arrange an appointment to have your child seen if you think there could be an eye issue, often important problems have been known about for months before a child is finally seen. Our checks are free and you can simply drop in to have the test done – it only takes a few minutes.


A visit to have your eyes checked should be positive and fun – which is why our practice is made for children, with toys, a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. You can come when it suits you and your family, and you won’t have to wait to be seen

Latest technology

Our practice has invested in some of the best child-friendly technology available to help diagnose eye problems early and make treatment much more pleasant for children. Our staff are experienced and carefully trained to screen for early eye problems


The tests we use are very accurate, with technical staff who have been trained to provide assessments by an eye specialist. Even though the tests are free you benefit from many years of experience designing our service


Reliably detecting the causes of poor vision in children aged 6 months to 3 years is free. Full assessments are also free for Community services and High-user card holders. Our huge range of glasses for little faces are usually less expensive than elsewhere, and extremely good quality

iScreen makes sure every family can quickly get an accurate eye check for children aged from 6 months to 3 years old at no cost.

Please come any Wednesday or Friday from 9:00am to 12pm, or book online belowRead More

Accurate assessment for ‘squint’ and causes of poor vision

iScreen correctly diagnoses over 90% of children age 6 months to 5 years with amblyopia or strabismus – which are common casues of vision loss at this age. Older children require different tests as they can have a wider range of more complex conditions. 

The Preschool screening test uses a questionaire and an infrared binocular autorefractor to accurately measure focus and eye alignment. The results are compared with expected normals and you are informed of the outcome:

  • Normal follow-up test (should be done yearly until age 4)
  • Booked follow-up to reassess due to minor changes in the test
  • Arranging an appointment with a specialist for a full eye check

Remember that is your child has an obvious problem it is best to book a full check. And if they are 4 it is best to select the “School Vision” test because it includes 5 different tests for problems that can affect children 4 and older. You can simply come in or book a time now!