Child-friendly testing
Leveraging technology to help children

Did you get a letter from CDHB saying your child failed their eye test?

This can be very concerning as a parent. You have no idea whether the findings are important or not. Answers would be nice!

So, what do you do next? If you have health insurance or a Community Services Card then you can see a children’s eye specialist as the cost is covered, or should you just go to the optometrist store in the mall?

Here is the insider’s guide for a parent who gets a “6/9” letter from the Vision Hearing testing service run by your local hospital:

  • Don’t stress at all if your letter says they had 6/6 or 6/9 vision: 6/6 means 20/20, this is normal. 6/9 is only slightly different, and is still a normal test result for a 4 or 5 year old.
  • The tests done by the B4 school staff find about 6% of normal children aged 4 ‘fail’ like this, so nothing is actually wrong! The system accepts this low threshold because it doesn’t want anything “missed”
  • Children with more serious eye issues tend to have a “6/12” or “6/18” number and are referred to the public hospital
  • A child who has a 6/9 marginal test result is most likely to have a mild focus problem that doesn’t usually need glasses. But some do have important issues, so it is very helpful to use the next level testing that we provide.
  • The B4 School tests are not accurate in younger or shy children.
  • It is always safe to wait a few weeks for a scheduled full appointment.
The best technology, also easy and fun!
An amazing view without eye drops

Our follow-up screening test accurate for this age + using modern technology

We have invested in $200,000 worth of child-friendly, cutting-edge eye technology. We make sure that the level of detail provided by our screening test is outstanding – enough for our specialist team to make an accurate assessment simply by checking the test results.

If our screening test is normal then it means just that – your child does not need glasses and has no significant eye problem.

Each test is reviewed and reported by our screening team, led by a Paediatric Ophthalmologist (Eye surgeon). A report is sent to your GP and emailed to you.

Our aim: make sure every child can get Specialist eye care. Book online below

A 4 year old who is retested by the B4 school team and still “fails” due to a 6/9 result can have a free assessment at our practice.

If they failed outright, and you were offered an appointment in the public hospital eye department we are still very happy to see you, but as the problem will possibly be more complex these children will be charged $28 for a screening test (the School vision test). We’ll clarify all this on the day you come.