What do we do during a “School Vision” assessment?

  • Vision test specific to the age and development of your child
  • Testing focus – finds out why they find details difficult or give up easily
  • Measure accommodation and convergence: common causes of reading difficulty
  • Test eye alignment (“Tracking”)
  • Optos retinal imaging: to make sure the optic nerve and retina are healthy, without needing eye drops!



Your child’s test will include complex equipment and assessments that allow us to accurately diagnose whether they have a problem, & arrange appropriate follow-up and treatment. Trained technical staff carry out the tests, and our specialists check and report the findings

Evidence based

Glasses and other treatment are only given to children when they will benefit from it. Uniquely able to offer a full range of treatment, including complex medical and surgical techniques that are only performed by an eye surgeon, we will work with your child to get them the help they need. To help them succeed


Having a team of trained staff allows us to provide tests that are not expensive, and meet the needs of every child. Glasses when needed are also affordable. For families with a community services card we can provide fully subsidised glasses

School Vision: accurate, evidence-based, designed by your eye specialist. Book online below! Read More

Children learn to read at very different rates – which is why you simply need to rule out an eye issue as the cause of any possible delay. We are providing a service rather than a product. With treatment and experience that is only available from Orthoptists & Paediatric Ophthalmologists, trained to properly diagnose the causes of reading problems in children.