With at least 90% sensitivity to detect an eye problem
85% specificity means that when a problem is detected very few children need an unnecessary specialist appointment
It is very difficult to tell whether a small child's eyes are normally aligned or not - due to their narrow face, lids and close set eyes.
Even when there is an obvious misalignment parents are often unsure - iScreen makes things completely clear
But when a diagnosis is needed your child will still need a full assessment by an eye specialist
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As a child looks at an infrared camera 1m away the light from the camera is reflected back to complex sensors which calulate the focus and alignment of their eye. This is a fully computerised process, and only takes a few seconds of a child’s attention to achieve.

Other tests used in adults depend on the person being able to concentrate for longer periods, and to relax their focus – both of these are impossible for most young children.

Eye tests for children
Young children need tests that can quickly assess focus and vision without having to rely on the child’s responses. We can assess a child’s focus accurately in 10 to 20 seconds. Some small children with difficult to assess eyes also have a flash photograph taken for our specialists to review.

From age 3 years we also test their vision with a symbol recognition test.