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Our practice is made for children, and the tests we use are designed to find their specific eye problems. Experience a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, toys for your children to enjoy and high quality, tough glasses when they need them. Children are the focus of our team, led by a Paediatric eye specialist

Latest technology

If you want some of the best child-friendly technology available, able to diagnose eye problems early and make treatment much more pleasant for children, then book an appointment online today. Our staff are carefully trained to screen for early eye problems


Dr Antony Bedggood leads the Children’s eye service at Christchurch public hospital, he looks after complex and common eye conditions, and is a surgeon. His passion is to make early diagnosis and treatment available to everyone


A proven test to detect the causes of poor vision in children aged 6 months to 3 years is free. More involved testing for school aged children up to 16 has a small cost. Even full assessment for children up to age 16 is free for Community services and High-user card holders*

Our aim: make sure every child can get a Specialist eye check. Children 6 months to 3 years free. Book online below