If you think something is not right with your child’s vision get them seen by a medical professional straight away.

An eye test can save a child's vision

iScreen is made for younger children and detects the possibility of a problem. Once identified these problems require more complex assessment and treatment, which can usually only be properly provided by an eye surgeon (Ophthalmologist).

Easily available

You’ve got a busy schedule to juggle, so we want to make time work for you: drop in without an appointment Wednesday and Fridays 9:30 to 2, or email to organise a time that suits you

Saving vision

This is why we do this job – even a single child whose eyesight or their health is saved makes it more than worth it. And we see this happen time and time again.


Kids move fast, our highly specialized technology moves even faster! From infants aged 6 months to children who are shy, we have you covered, and we get extremely accurate results.

Immediate feedback

You will be given a result straight away, and can have a follow up check organised if it is required.

How does it work?

Infrared imaging

Binocular focus and alignment detection: imaging infrared light reflected from your child’s eyes, measured by incredibly clever sensors

Find 'Lazy' eyes

Poor vision: A squint, and unequal focus are the main causes. These are detected inalmost 100% of cases 

Follow-up checks

We have scientifically based and well tested protocols in place to decide if your child simply needs a repeat screening test or a full assessment, we will arrange repeat iScreens for you, these are also provided at no cost

Subsidised Eye Care for children

  • Access to early diagnosis and intervention is a huge leap forward in children’s eye health. Conditions that traditionally were hard to treat are now having fantastic results simply because parents can get their child seen early.

    Dr Bedggood Children's Eye Specialist
  • Now that you can get tough, nice looking glasses for young children for a minimal cost, or even completely free, treatment becomes possible without a huge burden on the family.

    Great glasses Guaranteed and affordable
  • We are proud of our team, who go out of their way to make it work for you, and are experts in their field.

    Great staff Trained to treat children